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Frequently asked questions about the Membership Process

What are the conditions to become a student member?

Anyone registered in a building inspector training course recognized by the association may apply to the association as a student. However, this status does not allow the student member to perform building inspections.

The student membership will give you access to the members area on our website, AIBQ news, invitations to training, discounts from our partners and access to the Facebook page of the AIBQ members.

Does the student membership ever expire?

Yes, a student member must apply for regular membership within 3 months following the end of his studies to remain a member of the Association.

If I am a student member and have just completed my training, do I have to reapply to become a regular member?

Yes, you must submit a new request and provide your college certificate. The file review fee is 50 $ plus tax.

What are the conditions to become a regular member?

Once you have successfully completed your training to become an inspector, you can apply to join the Association by going to the “Become a Member” tab on the AIBQ website (

To register, you must complete and send the "Membership application," your school certificate confirming the successful completion of your building inspection training, a recent copy of your resume and a photo of yourself (head and shoulders only, like a passport picture).

If my application is refused, are the membership fees refundable?

No. Membership fees are administration fees covering the study of your file. In case of refusal, the fees are non-refundable

If I am an engineer/technologist/architect, or if I have experience as a construction contractor, what are the admission criteria?

To be a member of the AIBQ, you must have successfully completed a building inspection course. The training we recognize is the certificate of college studies (AEC). If you already have a related training in construction or additional work experience, we recommend that you apply for the “Recognition of Acquired Skills” (RAS) program with one of the establishments whose training is recognized by the AIBQ.

What are the establishments whose building inspection training is recognized by the AIBQ?

Cegep :

  • Beauce-Appalaches
  • Chicoutimi
  • Drummondville
  • Régional de Lanaudière
  • St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • Vanier
  • Vieux-Montréal

College :

  • C.E.I.
  • Institut Grasset


What are the steps to become an inspector performing building inspections?

  • Submit request and be accepted as a regular member.
  • Pass the qualification exam (50 $ plus tax). The exam is offered in French only. You will have 30 days to pay the exam and 30 more days to do it.
  • Proceed to a minimum of 5 accompaniments on the ground (60 $ plus tax per accompaniment). You will have 3 months to do them.
  • Pass the inspection of model house and the correction of the inspection report (600 $ plus tax). You will have 30 days to pay for the final verification and 3 months to do it, including the time allocated for the correction.
  • Pay the annual membership fee pro rata, according to the month you are ready to start practicing (695 $ plus tax per year). You will have 30 days to do so.
  • Take out errors and omissions insurance coverage from the insurer of the AIBQ. The time limit to get it activated is 2 months.

* All fees paid are non-refundable, no exceptions.

What does the qualification exam contain?

  • The test is made up of 55 multiple-choice questions and must be done within 2 hours.
  • The exam is based on the Standard of Practice, the Code of Ethics, and the General Regulations.
  • The documentation necessary for the examination is provided beforehand.
  • The passing grade is 75%.
  • A resumption is possible in case of failure.
  • You can take the exam when you are ready, in the comfort of your own home.

How many trials am I entitled to if I fail an exam?

The maximum number of retakes for all exams is 2. You therefore have 3 chances to pass your exam.

What does the inspection of a model house consist of?

  • You must find a building to inspect. Ideally, single-story houses are preferred. It can be the house of a family member, a friend or even a neighbour.
  • You will have to do the inspection in the presence of a certified auditor assigned by the AIBQ.
  • After the inspection, you must submit your inspection report which will be corrected by the auditor who followed you during your inspection.
  • A retake is possible in case of failure.

How much is the annual membership fee?

The annual membership fee is $695 plus tax, from January to December. The amount is payable in proportion to the number of months remaining in the year. For example, if you become a member at the end of June, you will only have to pay for the remaining months of the year, which is the equivalent of $347.50 plus tax.

If I want to quit the association, will the annual membership fee be reimbursed?

No, the annual membership fees are non-refundable.

What are the advantages of being part of the AIBQ?

  • Access to the Standard of Practice, Service agreements and Association protocols.
  • Access to our accompaniment program to complete your training.
  • Access to the AIBQ members Facebook page.
  • Access to online and live training.
  • Access to the errors and omissions insurance at a lower rate, reserved exclusively for members.
  • Access to the personal insurance program (Telemedicine, disability insurance, health care, etc.).
  • Access to member discounts with our partners (Bell, Loutec, ITM, etc.).
  • The display of your inspector profile on the AIBQ website.
  • The right to use the Association's name and logo in your advertisements.
  • Public recognition for being part of the largest and oldest association of building inspectors in Québec, which facilitates your business development.

How much does the insurance cost for a new member?

For an inspector with no claim’s history, in a basic coverage at $1 million, the premium is $3,500 (2023). This includes expertises and a portion of commercial inspections.

The coverage up to $2 million requires a starting premium of $3,900 (2023).

These amounts can be staggered in monthly payments.

* The prices indicated are for information purposes and may be modified by the insurer without notice.

Is the profession of building inspector currently in demand?

The number of requests received by inspectors is very variable and depends on several factors, such as where you practice, your skills (thermography, expertise, pre-purchase, presale, pre-acceptance, etc.), your experience, your network of contacts, the time of the year and the market situation.

Do building inspectors often get sued?

The risk of prosecution is always present but can be mitigated with proper training and experience. Obviously, no one is immune to this risk and that is why you must practice your trade with sufficient errors and omissions insurance coverage.

Do I have to do business with the AIBQ insurance broker?

Yes. To be in order, inspectors and certified inspectors must use the services of the Association's insurance broker, except for members of the OTPQ, OIQ and OAQ, if they already have sufficient and appropriate coverage for the profession of inspector through their professional order.

Are there continuing education requirements at the AIBQ?

Yes, all inspectors and certified inspectors must complete a minimum of 10 hours of training recognized by the Association per year. These trainings aim to maintain the knowledge of the members.

What are the requirements to be able to do inspections when you become a member of the AIBQ?

You must go through and successfully complete the membership process leading to the title of building inspector. Once you have obtained the title, you must pay your annual dues, obtain errors and omissions insurance coverage with the AIBQ broker, and commit to doing a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education recognized by the AIBQ per year.


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